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Australia’s got everything perfect, the weather’s beautiful, there are amazing people, and above all Australians have an incredible taste in their sweets and desserts!We love our Australian desserts and because we are such a multicultural society we have desserts from all over the world but they are quiet a number of desserts that stand out among us that have been loved. Well this blog is all on Aussie desserts  and informing people about all the delicious classic Aussie desserts so many people are missing out on! and because most of Australian desserts are well-known I will post other incredible and irresistible desserts as well!

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  1. hello there, thanks for your comment. It was much appreciated. Guess it is winter over your side of the globe, finally we have sunshine in the UK. My uncle and his family live in Sydney…I wish you all the best in creating such delicious looking desserts. YUM!

    • Hey radhika, thanks for the visit! Now you see having a dessert blog you can’t put up all the other wonderful dishes out there, i love my chicken and non-sweets just as much as my desserts so “Spoonfulofflavours” is just a blog about normal food that i love to eat and love to cook! Thanks for the lovely comments! Your blog is wonderful as well!

  2. I have always wanted to visit Australia.. And this just supports the dream to do so soon! I love all things sweets, so I will for sure be stopping by here often. PS- Your cappuccino chocolate brownies- OH MY WORD- Delicious! Pinned them for sure!

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