Best Aussie Foods

While now in Australia the people have turned their mouths to Pizza’s, Chinese stir-fry’s and French cuisines,  the truth is that these dishes don’t belong to Australia. These are part of a multicultural Australia, but are often claimed by other nations.

Apart from the backyard raised kangaroos and now American owned Vegemite- there must be others.

Some are lifeless, some are obvious and some may surprise.

20: Anzac Biscuits


These biscuits made from rolled oats, desiccated coconuts and golden syrup are part of a legend, history and story about Australian and Zealand army corps in World War 1

19: Weet-Bix


How many do you eat? This high-fiber breakfast biscuit made from whole-grain wheat has been an Australian food favorite since 1930.

It’s smaller, sweeter and more brick-like than the Weet-bix that’s found in other countries. Usually has a few Queensland bananas or strawberries or a spoonful of sugar mixed in. And, of course, milk.

Aussie kids are Weet-Bix kids, says the brand’s successful advertising jingle.

The Barbecue (BBQ for short) is an Aussie icon. Popular foods to cook on a Barbie are snags (sausages), steaks, chops, meat skewers and veggies (vegetables). Made famous by the expression “Chuck another prawn on the barbie” used in a Fosters advert.

18: Lamingtons


These are squares of sponge cake coated first in a layer of traditionally chocolate icing, then in desiccated coconut. Lamingtons are sometimes served as two halves with a layer of cream or strawberry jam in between.

17: Fish and chips


Fish and chips is a take away food which consists of battered fish and deep fried chips, sometimes accompanied by mushy peas.

16: Wedges


Australia’s alternative to fries and hot chips. Potatoes cut into wedges, covered in herbs and spices, deep fried, and served with sweet chilli sauce and sour cream.

15: Chicko Roll


The deep-fried snack contains beef (despite its name, there’s no chicken), celery, cabbage, barley, carrot, onion, green beans and spices in a battered tube. Probably some offal, too.

14: Tim Tams


A Tim Tam is a chocolate biscuit made of two layers of chocolate biscuit, separated by a chocolate cream filling, and coated in a thin layer of chocolate.

13: Meat Pies


Pie – Savory mince meat and gravy encased in flaky pastry

12: Sausage Rolls


Sausage roll –Minced sausage meet wrapped in puff pastry.

11: Vegemite on toast


A spread, like peanut butter or jam that goes on toast, bread or crackers.  Vegemite is made from yeast and is similar to pro-mite or mar-mite. But it is very salty. This is Australian food as it gets.

10: Vanilla Slice


A snack similar to mile-feullie consisting of vanilla custard or cream between two layers of pastry, and finally dusted with icing sugar.

9: Spag Bol


Sure, this entry will raise some eyebrows and, of course, spaghetti bolognese is a quintessentially Italian dish.

But when made with delicious Aussie beef and mushrooms, spag bol takes on an Australian feel.

8: Chicken Parmigiana


An Italian name, but a bona fide Australian pub classic, the parmigiana started as an eggplant dish in Italy and has since evolved into a chicken schnitzel topped with an Italian-inspired tomato sauce and melted cheese. A perfect marriage.

Sometimes it will also be topped with ham or prosciutto.

Usually comes with a beer on “parma night” at the local pub. Another wonderful union.

7: Fairy Bread


Sliced white bread is cut into triangles, smeared with butter or margarine and covered in hundred-and-thousands , which sticks to the bread for a bright and multi-colored treat.

6: Grilled Kangaroo


Why not eat the national animal? In some areas ‘roos overpopulate the terrain. Plus, the methane-free kangaroo is low in fat.

This is not for lovers of well-done meat as it’s prone to drying out. It’s generally cooked rare to medium, often primarily on one side.

Kangaroo goes well with garlic, pepper, juniper, rosemary and fruity flavors such as plum, red currant and orange.

5: Barramundi


Perhaps the most Australian of all fish varieties, Barramundi gets its name from the Aboriginal language meaning “large-scaled river fish.” It’s served in restaurants across the country.

Best pan-fried or seared skin-side first (rarely battered or deep fried), it’s often dished up as a fish steak with a herbed oil.

4: Fantales


A favorite Australian food, the delectable bite-sized treat is made up of chewy caramel coated in milk chocolate.

It’s renowned for yellow and blue wrapping scribed with movie trivia, a marketing move that has endeared the treat to DVD groupies and movie goers.

3: Pavlova


Meringue cake made from egg whites and sugar which is then baked to set. It is crisp on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. It is commonly topped with cream and fruit.

2: Aussie Barbie


The Barbecue (BBQ for short) is an Aussie icon. Popular foods to cook on a Barbie are snags (sausages), steaks, chops, meat skewers and veggies (vegetables). Made famous by the expression “Chuck another prawn on the barbie” used in a Fosters advert.

1: Hamburger with Beetroot


You can eat burgers all over the world, but nothing is more Australian than slinging a piece of beetroot on top a pattie made with Aussie beef.

That soft bun, all-beef pattie and cheese is simply not properly done without the finishing touch of beetroot.

But it’s natural home is the local take-away joint or local pub.

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